Big Greek Travel Bucket List

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Big Greek Travel Bucket list

Well… doesn’t everyone have a ‘ Big Greek Travel Bucket list?’

How I wished I’d started this years ago! My desire to go to Mykonos, Paxos and Naxos-has now been fulfilled. In addition, my dream job would be to spend an unlimited amount of time island hopping. To write about all the experiences. Similarly, would also love to try a Greek island cruise.

Write and reflect

Furthermore, I just like to write and reflect on where we have been and how it was done. Especially, if it helps one person plan their next trip to Greece, then it will have been worth it. Also, this is a way of logging adventures and reminiscing, like a diary of sorts.

My heart is in Greece-namely Santorini

The Greek islands are my destiny. Each one visited, feel them calling to me, to return. At any rate, have loved every one and there are plenty more to see.

Love to Travel To Greece, and experience the way of life with the locals. Top spot goes to Santorini, just so romantic with the white cuboid houses hanging on the cliffs. In addition, to the numerous blue domed churches. Above all, the photos look stunning..

Which others lure me in?

Likewise, there’s  Zakynthos, otherwise known as Zante, with the Navagio [ shipwreck beach].

Milos and Kimolos are classed as the island of colours with their pretty Syrmata fishermen’s boat houses. In the same way, many photo opportunities await. Like dramatic landscapes and exciting places to see.

Which ones call to me?

So then to Corfu, with famous landmarks like Pontikonissi island [mouse island] and Vlacherna monastery, with the causeway to walk across the sea and watch the planes.

Equally, loved Lefkada, accessed on our trip by ferry from Corfu to Igoumenitsa.

Onward we drove down through mainland Greece, stopping off at Parga on the way. Comparatively, also been to Paxos and Anti Paxos on a day trip. Took a trip to Kefalonia for one day from Zante.


Experiences and my reviews, can be found on Trip Adviser too and then let the hotels know I have done so. Recently done a review on our experience at a family meal, at Odyssey Greek restaurant in Telford, and got great feedback.

So, only a few ticked off big Greek travel bucket list, but how exciting to explore others in the future.

Moreover, have now been to Skopelos and Skiathos and visited Mamma Mia places of interest, from the film.

Been fortunate to visit

Indeed, can now tick off my list,  Kos and Kalymnos. As well as Leros and Nisyros. Four islands in one trip!

Maybe one day, we’ll go to Crete because a friend recommended a nice hotel there. And, there are more being recommended , in particular Kythira.

Then again, hoping to re visit Lefkada one day and spend more time on those awesome west coast beaches.

Too much choice but not complaining.

So much choice…and many more islands to explore on the Big Greek Travel Bucket list. So far all the islands visited, I would return to again [ and some I have, more than twice].

Each are different from each other, unique in their own way, famous for one thing or another. For example: loggerhead turtles, blue domed churches, volcano, windmills and landscape. But one thing is for sure….

Greek hospitality, the food, the scenery and an escape to paradise does it for me. My Big Greek travel bucket list is growing each year.