Zia village Kos

Zia village Kos

Zia village Kos lies hidden in lush green forests on a mountain surrounded by other nearby villages. To begin with, take one of the roads leading to Zia, there is a stunning blue and white church, which we stopped to photograph.

The road is in a pretty good condition as well, to get there. On arrival, there is lots of car parking spaces just outside of the village. A 5 minute walk and you pass the taverna’s and ‘square’. There are lots of tourist shops selling souvenirs and trinkets and lots of local produce being sold. A lovely ceramic ‘Kalimera’ picture cauught my eye, so I bought it. You can see a video here of Zia village.

Watermill of Zia

Take the road signed Greek Orthodox church in the village, which takes you through stalls of souvenirs. As you start climbing and look up there is a very pretty taverna, called The ‘Watermill of Zia‘.

The array of colours in the flowers, decorations, chairs, parasols are all decorated beautifully. It is very chic.

Take in the surrounding views from a table and chill for a while

We had savoury pancakes for breakfast and a drink and admired the views, across to a blue domed church, fields and the sea. In other words, we took loads of photos here! Scooters painted all sorts of colours, flowers, chairs, cushions, bowl of lemons and lanterns hanging from the ceiling. I thought it was just magical.

Greek Orthodox church

As we left the taverna, we continued up the hill to see the church. Adjacent to the church, it looks like someone’s ‘back yard’ but the views to the mountains and fauna are stunning. There is another taverna here, opposite the church, which I believe has amazing sunset views. Certainly, in the daytime the views were good enough. The greenery and scenery below was awesome.

We descended back down and wandered around the rest of the village, squeezing in when the coaches tried to come past, bringing more tourists. It’s a very popular tourist place.

Nevertheless, a lovely place. I am glad we have visited. Total time spent here was around an hour to an hour and half. We left Zia to then travel to the Basilica area and see the church on the rock, one of the landmarks of Kos. In addition here is a video of the church.