Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos Town- A rainy week

Many reviewers on the internet had said there was nothing to see in Zakynthos Town  and not worth going to. However, as we didn’t have a lot of options open to us, and given it was still raining, we decided to go and see, and make our own minds up. It was very hairy driving through the very small narrow streets around the town, but we found a space to park.

Zakynthos Town-head for the sea front to park

Someone on the internet had put some useful advice about heading for the sea front, that way you would be able to get back and find the car, which we did. The parking was free. The first thing we did was to purchase 2 rain coats and 2 umbrella’s. Something I never thought I would have to buy abroad. We just walked round and round and up and down the streets, admired the boats on the sea front, had a coffee, wandered in and out of the shops.

For something to do during this week that rained every day we went to Zakynthos town twice and returned again in Sept 2013 when it was much sunnier. There are plenty of shops and café’s to have something to eat and drink in. You can admire the boats and ferries dotted all around the port area.