Ferry from Zante to Kefalonia islands

Ferry from Zante to Kefalonia islands

Ferry from Zante to Kefalonia islands day trip. In 2013 we took the ferry from Zante [ St Nicholas Port] to Presada in Kefalonia  for the day. [see my page] It was a local ferry that carries cars and people.

We paid at the port directly upon arrival. We took the hire car with permission over for the day and returned back the same day. The port is located on the North East coast of Zante, not the other St Nicholas’s in the south of the island. The guys at the port advise you were to get on.

Ferry from Zante to Kefalonia islands -I have enclosed the ticket stubs, it cost us in 2013, 31 euros each way to take the car, and 8 euros each way each as a passenger. So 47 euros for 2 of us plus car each way. If I recall, we left at 09.45am from St Nicholas, Zante for the hour and half crossing and left Presada, Kefalonia at 5.30pm to arrive back in Zante at 7pm. You can sit indoors or out on the open deck. From the moment you leave Zante you can see Kefalonia in the distance. When we knew how long we had in Kefalonia, we were able to roughly plan our day accordingly, and decide where to go and what we wanted to see. It seemed like a long crossing and quite slow at the time. However, having now done more island hopping by ferry to other islands, this is quite a normal amount of time, no matter which ferry company you use.

I know the very first time we visited St Nicholas’s port and saw the ferry coming in and knowing it goes to Kefalonia, it was very tempting to say we would go for a day. I think this was the first island we had been to where we contemplated a ferry crossing for a day to another island. In the end we chickened out as we weren’t sure of all our facts and were worried we may not get back, and also on that first holiday we didn’t have a car I don’t think. So the next visit we decided, after some more researching, that we would go and it was one of the best day trips we have had.

You can see my video by clicking on the green link above for the ferry from Zante to Kefalonia islands crossing and our day trip.