Villa Zoe

Villa Zoe

We booked Villa Zoe and corresponded with eos travel, who handled everything efficiently, right down to screen shot driving directions to the villa from Corfu port.


The villa has 2 bedrooms, a private pool, parking and all amenities. It is kind of split back to front.  With the front of the villa being  Zoe and the back of the villa being Villa Harris. Both villas have their own private pool and private entrances.

A stay after visiting Lefkada

We stayed here for a couple of nights at the end of our holiday after coming back from Lefkada.

A snake sharing our pool

One of the days we were swimming in the pool and my husband had just got out and we saw a snake swimming in the pool. I am sure it wasn’t there when we jumped in. However, must have been sloshed out of the skimmers when we jumped in.

It was quite scary. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to see the snake suffer, as it seemed to be tiring. Consequently, I used a bamboo pole from the garden and lifted it back out, where it slithered away.

We have seen many snakes in Greece and as long as you are careful and treat them respectfully, they will not bother you.

Reported the snake for swimming in our pool!

I did report it to the management company and they apologised and said the owner does have snake pellets in the garden, but a snake is wildlife and can’t always be controlled.

To be honest it made for interesting photos and stories when we got back home. I’m just glad we were out of the pool when we spotted it just incase.


Villa Zoe is located in the village on a hill in the middle of Corfu, in a village called Agios Prokopios.

There was one shop located within a short drive from the villa. Again, it was early in the season and there didn’t seem to be anywhere very close to the villa for eating.


Driving out on one of the nights, we came across a village called Pelekas.  In particular, it had very narrow roads and was busy at night with locals and had a very traditional feel to it.

Evening meal was in a place called Sinarades.  Visited here for few nights and is located on the coast where there were plenty of restaurants shops and a monastery.