Telendos island by boat

Telendos island by Boat

Telendos island by boat took a mere 5 minute crossing from the small jetty at Myrties on Kalymnos island. It cost us 2 euros per person each way and the small boats cross every 30 minutes there and back. We were able to find parking in the nearby streets.

The hidden chapel by the sea

I had printed off a small map of the hidden chapel but it was difficult to find it. We turned left off the jetty passing the last restaurant and then followed a sandy path for a while. Then we decided to go on the other sandy path inland through what appeared like farm land and up an embankment.

We then could see the other side and the sea. We then headed left and followed the path along the cliff. Eventually, we came across the bell stand and knew we had found it. We could then see the steps to the hidden church.


see video here

Coast Chapel

The chapel was just as it appeared on the internet. Breathtaking and quaint with the backdrop of the ocean. We took our photos and then climbed back up the steps. Apart from a janitor we were the only ones there. On the way back we followed a path towards some ruins and then kept left inland slightly. We actually came out passing a shop and at the side of the restaurant we had passed. If you go on to google maps on the return journey we took the dotted path, and the chapel is called Coast Chapel.

Lunch at Rita’s

As we were thirsty and hungry we sat in a pretty restaurant called Rita’s and enjoyed our lunch. After lunch we wandered around a little delighted by the pretty colourful houses and potted plants, before catching a return boat back to Myrties. There are no cars or ATM machines on Telendos island.

We nearly didn’t visit this island but I am so glad now we did, such a charming place to visit. I believe there are a couple of studio rooms to rent but most come over for a while from Kalymnos.

If you want to climb there are some websites on the internet. Here is one.