Telendos Dodecanese island

Telendos Dodecanese island is worthy of having a mention on my blog. It is a mountainous rock which was once joined to Kalymnos until an earthquake.

We decided to take the small water taxi costing 2 euros each person, each way from Myrties on Kalymnos to Telendos. The journey took 5 minutes and is approx 1 km in distance.

Telendos Dodecanese island has a handful of restaurants, tavernas and a place to rent a studio with an island population of approx 54.

A hidden chapel by the sea

This island is a place to escape for lovers of peace and quiet, tranquility, wild landscapes and of course those who love to climb. We explored along the water front and found a stunning chapel hidden on the other side. Similarly, accessed via steps, going towards the sea.

Rita’s for lunch

In addition, we also stayed for lunch in Rita’s and wandered along by the boats. The water taxi runs every half an hour. There are no cars on Telendos island and all supplies come by boat from Kalymnos.

We came across some ruins from the Roman era not far from the chapel. It was lovely to look back at Myrties and Massouri on Kalymnos.


There are routes for those who love to climb as Telendos and Kalymnos are a climbers haven. There were many crags in the rock formations that we saw, and there is much written on the internet about such climbs. There is one such website on Telendos climbing you can access.

A wild beautiful landscape, no chaos just peace and quiet and an escape from the daily chores. We were on an island hopping adventure so we only stayed on Telendos Dodecanese island for a couple of hours.

In summary, the chapel for me was the winner on this island. It took some finding and referring to a google map I had printed off, but we headed in the right direction and found it by noticing a bell stand marking the entrance to the steps.