Skiathos town and bar street

Skiathos Town and bar street

Skiathos town and bar street are brilliant day and night.

Bar Street

Locally called ‘Bar street’ or ‘bar lane’ but on Google maps it is actually called Paraliakos St.

It is the road that runs from the bus station near the Ifigenia hotel, along the sea or Channel as I call it. The planes fly low through the ‘channel’ over the boats before touching down on the runway. We saw signs that said the road was closed to traffic between the hours of 7pm and 6am, but it didn’t seem to make any difference, the traffic still flowed.

Many of the restaurants we passed all have pretty decorations displayed. Lovely green glass bottles with fairy lights in. Many are fish restaurants and located waterside for the views. We passed several platforms that we assumed were for dancing or clubbing and opened later on in the evening. We walked past an Indian restaurant called Little India. This street was our favourite part of Skiathos day and night.

Aeroplane views from cafes

Mylos restaurant is the windmill restaurant with outdoor dining, which has amazing views when the planes are coming in and fly straight by you.

Amaretto Cafe Snack Bar is located on the left of the gravel car park at the end of the runway.

Along the water front further up there are numerous motorised and sailing yachts to look at. Up by the port and right of Bouritzi are the day boats offering their trips. It was here one evening, we saw Eleni boat advertising a trip just to Lalaria beach. They also do a trip to Kastro and other islands but we only wanted to go to Lalaria.

Cafes, restaurants, travel agents, shops line the waterfront and back streets. Skiathos town is definitely larger than I thought.



Taxi stands are everywhere and the bus station is located near the Ifigenia hotel, with frequent buses and reliable. Skiathos has one long bus route from by the Ifigenia and each stop is numbered all the way to Koukinairies which is number 26. When you get on you say which number you want to get off. [ It helps having looked on google to know the numbers] We paid 1.60 euros each, each way for up to half the journey. To go the whole way is not much more. Click on the link for Skiathos buses. We paid 13 euros for a taxi from the airport to Skiathos town.


Bourtzi is the small peninsula that sticks out near the old port entrance. Lush with greenery and a cafe bar, it is a lovely place to have a Tropical smoothie and watch the tourists and locals diving off the rocks below. There is also a Maritime Museum on Bouritzi but we didn’t visit it. Near the entrance to Bourtzi is a statue called Bust Al Moraitidis that is widely photographed.

Mamma Mia port

The port in Skiathos was used in the first Mamma Mia film. Not a lot to see here but located near Bourtzi. On our own Mamma Mia tour, we also travelled to Skopelos.