Skiathos to Skopelos by ferry

Skiathos to Skopelos by ferry

Skiathos to Skopelos by ferry is one I will never forget. It was disappointing at the time but now we can laugh about it. I had booked a week on Skiathos and mid week had 2 nights booked in Skopelos.

Booking in advance online, with Anes ferries from Skiathos. We boarded and sat on an open deck and waited for what we thought was a half an hour boarding time. That time came and went, the boat seemed to get ready to go but then the ropes from the ferry to the harbour went back on.

The sky was darkening, black clouds rolling in and the wind whipping up.

A storm’s a coming…

Well, we waited for possibly up to an hour and half. I asked some of the crew what the delay was and was told to ‘wait’.  Eventually, another Anes ferry turned up and we were told to get off and board this one. To this day, I don’t know what the delay was.

During the crossing, the rain came, the lightning and thunder came and the waves were getting choppy. A man made the sign of The Cross on his chest. A weather spout [ not sure if correct name for it] was seen on the horizon from the sky to the sea.  I managed to video this and the lightning.

You need a coat in August?  No way

Besides all of this, we had shorts and T shirts on, and a small suitcase with summer clothes and no coats or jumpers. We were supposed to be arriving at Skopelos town where we had booked our accommodation at Anatoli Studios. The ferry arrived in Glossa on the west side of Skopelos.


I asked if it would then be stopping next at Skopelos town. The crew member said that due to the weather conditions, a free bus is waiting to take you all to Skopleos town.

So everyone disembarked and got on the two buses that were waiting. The journey took 45 minutes in torrential rain.

Eventually arriving at Skopelos port. We made our way to Anatoli Studios [which you can read about on my other pages] and even our host said this weather is very unusual. The weather didn’t change for the whole time [ 2 nights] spent on Skopelos, and I had to buy a rain coat. In all the time spent travelling by Greek ferries, have never had any problems like this Skiathos to Skopelos by ferry incident.

You think it gets better? ….Read the return Journey

The night before our ferry was due to leave Skopelos and return to Skiathos, I had the foresight to go and check at a local travel agents in Skopelos town. We had booked Hellenic Seaways Flying Cat 5 for the return from Skopelos Town at 06.40am.

We were advised to turn up at the travel agents by the port at 06.15am and wait and see if the ferry would be going.

A stressed lady

So, we duly turned up and the lady appeared to be quite stressed. We were all asking about the ferry. In the end, she put up 4 notices in various languages telling us which port we were leaving from.

Basically, there should have been a 06.40am and a 07.00am ferry leaving. At the port buses were provided, one for each of the ferries. These would take us to Agnontas instead to catch the ferry.

That’s me told….

As I didn’t know you could get a ferry from Agnontas, I misheard and asked if she meant Glossa? [ as this is the one we had arrived at 2 days before]  She gave me a steely look and said,’ be careful what you wish for, and did I want to go from Glossa’?

I said no and she said ‘well then, wait for the buses, we will tell you which bus to get on’. After being ‘told off’ we made our way across the road to the buses. There was a lot of confusion with people getting on the wrong buses. If your ferry was going at 06.40am you got on a particular bus, and so on.

Get on the right bus

Everyone seemed anxious and all bombarding the lady with the same questions. No one was sure when the buses were coming, who would be on which bus and it was a bit chaotic. I was just worried we wouldn’t get back to Skiathos to fly back home 2 days later.

The bus took 15 minutes to reach Agnontas, and we literally had time to jump off and then on the Hellenic ferry. The crew quickly ushered us on as the ferry was already waiting and ready for arrival in Skiathos. The crossing was a bit choppy going back, but I put up with it for the relief of getting back to Skiathos.

The sun returns on arriving in Skiathos!

The same storm had been over Skiathos too, but the sun was now out and stayed out for the remainder of the trip. Typical. The moral of the story is when booking Skiathos to Skopelos by ferry-check the weather conditions first. Oh and maybe not such a bad idea to pack a jumper or coat….just in case. This trip was planned to see the Mamma Mia sights, which we did, in the rain!!