Sidari Canal D’Amour

Sidari Canal D’Amour

We planned to go to Sidari Canal D’Amour and stay for a couple of hours. We were travelling by bus so used the timetables to work out how we could get there. We caught the blue bus No.6 from Benitses at 07.30am  in Perama to the Green Bus station. Tickets are purchased on the green bus not inside the station and were 3.70 euros each. We then caught the green bus at 08.30am which took about an hour and fifteen minutes. The bus was air conditioned and very comfortable and it was nice to see the scenery on the journey. We got off at a hotel stop and walked through the town. We soon found the signs for Canal D’Amour and also referring to a map so we knew the general direction. You can also see the rock formations of Canal D’Amour as you are walking along the main road. There are plenty of shops and taverna’s along the route as it is a tourist area.

Sidari Canal D’Amour swim

We were so hot we decided to have a swim in Canal D’Amour. There is a tiny packed beach where we left our bags on the rocks and had a lovely refreshing swim to cool off. We noticed there was a cave entrance but with a notice saying do not enter. There is a slope and a few steps from the top down to the beach. Recommend shoes or pumps and not flip flops whilst on the rocks. Once we had dried off we headed back along the beach path and restaurants. It is a very busy place with many tourists but again had time for a few photos.

We had heard that a restaurant called ‘The Three little Pigs’ had good reviews and by chance happened to pass it on our way back through town towards the bus stop.

We went in and ordered a much needed bacon and egg bap and a drink. It was delicious and nice to find some shade from the hot sun. Looked around a few shops before waiting for the bus to come.

We got the bus back at 12.30 arriving back at the green bus station at 2pm and then the No.6 bus to Benitses stopping at Perama. It gave us a very quick overview of Sidari and one of the main attractions, so I am glad we went. It was long enough for a few photos, a swim and something to eat.