Santorini villages

Santorini Villages

We visited a few Santorini villages during our stay.


One of Santorini’s villages that we went to, is Finikia. Visited once, late afternoon, before we went for a meal at Restaurant Finikia which is located on the road from Oia to Fira.

Finikia village is very traditional, and has 2 churches. There are cave houses from a traditional settlement. We had a nice wander around for about an hour before going to eat.

Finikia restaurant

Namely, the restaurant, has an indoor and outdoor dining area. Hence, we chose to sit outside which had pretty candles on the tables. It was a lovely ambient romantic setting and the quality of the food was lovely.

In addition, settees to lounge on and get comfy. We’ve eaten here twice and had the salmon both times, which was divine. The sunsets from here are really good and it’s a short walk from Oia to the restaurant.


Another of Santorini’s villages is lovely Pyrgos, which is located more or less in the middle, inland. I loved it here.

Labyrinth of streets

Various places to wander around and Pyrgos is a wonderful charming hidden gem of buildings and churches. Along with alley ways, narrow cobbled streets, reminiscent of a maze or labyrinth.

Coffee break

There is a large map on the wall in the village centre.  Of course, follow directions of what to see and where to go. Had a lovely breakfast in a quaint taverna before setting off to explore. It was kind of a ‘people watching’ restaurant.  Observing traffic, horns being tooted and coaches pulling up.

Car parking

There is parking in the centre, we used a gravel car park near to the cafe’s, as cars are not allowed by the houses. Scenic views across to the sea and another blue domed church.

Village amenities

In the village there is a medieval castle, some churches and some shops. Furthermore,  and in all directions it’s very picturesque. From the top of the village you get stunning views over Santorini.  No surprise then, as the village is the highest point. Pyrgos means tower.

Just a handful of the Santorini villages we visited. There are many more to explore.