Reviewing something Greek


See my review on ‘Odyssey’ a Greek themed restaurant, Telford.

Reviewing something Greek

Do you wish to advertise on this blog ? We will be pleased to advertise or review your business or products, providing it fits in with the Greek theme.

Do you have Greek themed food products you would like to be reviewed? Do you have a Greek island resort /hotel that needs advertising or reviewing?

I am considering anything Greek. Food, drink, books, holiday resorts/hotels, cruises. I love live Greece. Reviewing something Greek should in my opinion be based on personal experiences. A hotel stayed at, what was it like, is there a video to show others what it looks like, honest opinions about the staff, food, room comfort. How does one island hop between Greek islands. How did I plan these holidays and what effort was put in to it.

How good was the restaurant I am reviewing, what was good, what was bad. Home truths about a product. What would I want to know? Would I recommend it to others? Was the Greek fiction book I have read any good? Is my Greek travel blog interesting what will people get out of it. Sharing information on my experiences.