Nissia Kamares Hotel apartments

Nissia Kamares Hotel apartments

Nissia Kamares Hotel apartments, Kardamaina, was chosen for our last night’s stay, purely because it was not that far from the airport. The previous night stayed at Orpheus Studios, Kos town. I didn’t fancy risking the long drive from Kos town to the airport on our last day.

The room

The apartment upon arrival had just been cleaned and all the shutters and windows were open. It was quite dated and basic inside and neither of us particularly liked the look of it. It was however, clean and tidy. Nevertheless, we had to stay as we had paid for the one night.


Consequently, there were several mosquitoes on the wall, in the bedroom, and in the bathroom. Mosquitoe ‘plug in’s’ alerted us anyway, probably as there was a lot of garden greenery. It actually wasn’t too bad once we had swatted all the mossies and kept the doors and windows shut

The host greeted us and staff were very friendly.

The hotel and location

There is a small gravel car park where we parked the hire car. Entrance is through a gate from here and so we had to walk with our cases past guests lounging by the pool. Later, we found out, on the opposite side of the hotel, is another entrance.

Actually, we didn’t use the pool. Firstly, because the loungers all looked full. Secondly during our last afternoon and day after, a storm was coming in. Black rolling clouds and rain showers. The pool however, did look to be quite a decent size.

A 5 minute walk and on the waterfront with lots of restaurants, bars, a blue domed church and the town. The harbour is pretty, and day boats go to Nisyros from here.