Naxos trip from Paros

Naxos trip from Paros

We left Paros on Blue Star Delos ferry for the short crossing to Naxos where we would be staying one night. [ click on link for video] We arrived at our room Cyano Suites and unpacked. Then we went to see Portara, famous landmark. Ancient monument. After taking photos and walking all around the paths surrounding it, we headed for Irini’s taverna for some lunch. We ordered a Greek salad, tuna salad, bread and tzatziki, which was delicious and our favourite lunch. Our trip had started in Mykonos, we then took SeaJets ferry to Paros for one night, one night in Naxos and then returned by SeaJets to Mykonos to finish our holiday. This was all over one week.

We then returned back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. We wanted to go for a walk before we ate.

Naxos castle-town

We climbed through the back streets to try and get up to where the castle was to get some good views but almost at the top there was a load of rubble and a cordoned off rope. An elderly Greek lady indicated couldn’t go any further. We wondered around the streets by the castle through artists galleries, narrow archways, hardly anyone around, and dimly lit, making it feel both eerie and romantic. We found a windmill without the sails and tried to get a good view of the sunset but many buildings in the way and we couldn’t get higher in to the castle. We eventually ended up in the new town, where there were shops, restaurants, a water fountain changing colours.

We started to head back towards the old town and found ourselves at the end of Aghios Georgios beach. We continued walking partly on beach then weaving back on to the road and streets, and stopped at a romantic bar [ intimate, candles, soft music] and had a drink. We came across the statue outside of the town hall and said we would return in the morning to take some pictures.

We ate at a pizza taverna for our evening meal. Sometimes I just want a vegetarian pizza! The next morning, we had a few hours before the ferry came, so we went back to take some photos of the statue, water front. The little church on its own little island by the port. We watched the ferries coming and going. We then saw SeaJets coming in, ready for our ride back to Mykonos.

Our Naxos trip from Paros was brilliant. Naxos is a large island and we only saw a snippet of it. The view on the ferry arriving in to Naxos was just breathtaking. It is a very picturesque waterfront and obviously most people visit Naxos to see the Portara. We will be back one day and hope to see more of Naxos.