Myrtos beach

Myrtos beachmyrtos beach

Myrtos beach-what a stunning place to visit:

When we left Pesada Port Kefalonia from Zante, we had decided to head firstly for Argostoli and then across to Sami. However, we missed a turn, right at the last minute. We ended up carrying on, to see a sign for Myrtos beach ahead, so decided to follow this road instead.

It went up and in to the mountains, winding, on tarmac roads with lovely views.

We stopped when we saw a church on one of the bends with breath taking views across the valleys and mountains. It probably took us an hour or so to reach Myrtos beach, it is well sign posted.

Could not believe how turquoise and blue the sea was and the white sands of Myrtos beach.

Staying at the top, managed to get a space just off the side of the road to be able to drink in the awesome view. There was a road beneath us going to the beach but as we weren’t going to spend time on the beach, we gave this a miss on this trip, but would like to go back.

We read on the internet that buses and taxi’s didn’t like to use the switch back road down to the beach, but we saw plenty of cars beneath us, using this road. Using the zoom on the camera to get close up on the umbrellas on the beach. What a lovely view, it was stunning. I think this beach is known to be one of the most photographed in Greece.


Filming for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Reviews on the internet reported that this beach was used during the filming of the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin with Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz. It can be found on the north end of the island not far from Assos.

When we had had enough of the view [ well, not really but reluctantly had to continue on our day trip] we then followed signs to Sami but along the way stopped off at Melissani Cave. See my other pages on these must visit spots.