Mykonos Explore -1 day with car

Mykonos explore- 1 day with a car in October.

Mykonos explore 1 day with a car, how to do it? Well..our hotel arranged a car through SIXT car hire. We decided to do a ‘road trip’ and go Mykonos explore wherever we fancied. Some places we decided to take photos and move on, others we stayed a while at. I researched on the internet ‘Mykonos explore’ ‘what to see and do in Mykonos’. A lot of boat trips, galleries came up so I hope this offers something a bit different. I like this kind of trip, no guides, no restrictions just go off and explore. The other trips we considered kayaking, boat trips around the island, spa massages were all out of our price range.

We started with Ornos Beach, we moved on to Platis Gialos beach. Had a quick photo look at the beach and moved on. Photo stop at Psarou Bay. Headed for Paranga beach as heard it was supposed to be nice. On arrival didn’t think much of it, nice enough. My husband spotted a sign saying Paranga beach 150 metres. I thought it was the little one we were seeing as you look across the bay at Platis Gialos. We parked the car and decided to explore further. We ended up walking through an extremely quiet bar area that I would imagine in the height of summer would be raving. We came across a lovely wide sandy beach with a sign saying Paranga Beach. That was more like it. Very pretty.

Mykonos explore 1 day with car, where to next….Paradise beach.

The famous party beach where the celebs and those with lots of money go. We parked for free on the car park and entered the beach. We were greeted by a lady asking if we wanted a soft squidgy beach chair or a sun lounger. We replied we were only staying for a drink. We went on to a beach table with sand under our feet at Club Tropicana. As we don’t drink alcohol in the day and didn’t fancy a coffee, we opted for a smoothie-mango, coconut and strawberries, priced at 6 euros each. It was lovely. Soft chill out music playing. Glad to see there were others in our age group there, after the madness of the summer raves. It was very quiet and relaxing and we probably stayed an hour, exploring further up the beach and taking photos. We were amused to see a ‘shrine’ to the bottles consumed [ I imagine over this summer] which were stacked on the beach like a piece of art. Moet Champagne, Grey Goose, consumed by people with money- and there were hundreds and I mean hundreds of bottles. We were amazed.

We drove more inland passing the end of the runway. The roads are very narrow with stone walls [ like farmers walls] and nothing like you would imagine a main road leading to different beaches or resorts. Pot holes bumpy- quite an experience. Quick photo looking at Kalo Livadi beach and heading past Agia Anna. Aiming to go to Kalafati beach for lunch. However, upon arrival, only restaurant we could see was closed and beach empty.

Mykonos explore 1 day with car- Decided therefore to explore Mykonos’s Ano Mera Village…

Much more people here, tours and guides everywhere. Lovely village square [ more like a circle but hey] There is a monastery and churches, taverna’s and restaurants, shops. Free parking. We had lunch here-Greek salad, Tzatziki, bread and drink. Just managed to secure a table before a tour and their guide descended on the taverna. Browsed in little gift shop and bought an ornament of a blue domed church I had been looking for.

Then on to explore Panormos beach. Again, on arrival completely empty so decided to carry on to Agios Sostis just minutes further on. People around, very pretty cove and then large sandy beach. We lay and sunbathed in a little cove at the side of the steps and paddled in the sea. Stayed about an hour and took some photos.

We then headed back to our hotel. The map and my husband’s phone sat nav got us to all the places we decided to go to, and it was a nice way to explore more of the island. To explore Mykonos 1 day with a car was fab, a proper road trip and I am glad we did it.

You can watch the video here-Mykonos explore in 1 day with car