Mykonos Attractions

Mykonos Attractions

Mykonos Chora [ town] has plenty to see and do. There are some landmarks most visitors will see. Little Venice with colourful waterside buildings and bars, with many restaurants along the waterside.

The iconic Mykonos windmills, not only the ones on the hill but at least another 4 dotted around the town, one of which is a museum.

Paraportiani Orthodox church which is actually many churches on one site. Whitewashed but reminds me of icing sugar with it’s irregular shapes. A restaurant very close, of the same name, is said to be where one may find Petros the pelican. [ a lovely article on him here] [ we didn’t see him during our stay but there are plenty of videos and photos on the internet] Nikos restaurant also in the same area by the red domed church, is another we ate at. Mykonos has many blue and red domed churches which are often located by a taverna with prettily decorated table cloths and just provides a great atmosphere and ambiance. Also we favoured Kostas traditional restaurant and ate there twice, located right by the blue domed church. I even got a bottle of my favourite wine-Asti Martini there.

I have heard on watching many Mykonos videos on You Tube that when walking Mykonos Chora’s streets you will get lost. It’s actually the best way to do it. We got lost everyday we were there, never finding the same street to start from, but what an adventure and so much to see. The streets are lined with a painted stone effect, bright colourful balconies and doors, find a hidden bar. Loads of shops and restaurants down almost every street. An open air cinema, churches. Hustle and bustle.¬† Safe clean and just out of this world.

Mykonos Attractions- Ports

There is the old port where a lot of day trips and boat trips to the ancient remains on Delos, leave from. The New port is further up the road where all the large ferries go from to neighbouring islands, like Naxos, Santorini, Paros, Tinos. We used a water taxi service called SEABUS from the old port to the new port and it only cost 2 euros each one way. To walk it from one port to another would take approx 30 minutes and if you have cases, this may be difficult. We walked it to the new port one day for a stroll, the road from our hotel was bumpy and cobbled in places and may not have managed with the suitcases. We found the Sea Bus service amazing value. [ video of Seabus, new port old port]The sea bus runs every half an hour day and evening.

We love watching the big expensive super yachts coming in to the old port. Most days there were between 1-3 cruise ships anchored up, and scores of tourists coming off them around the town.