Milos Kimolos Cyclades islands

Milos Kimolos Cyclades islands

Milos Kimolos Cyclades islands Greece.  Milos is part of  the South West Cyclades group of  Greek islands and is an hour and half away from Santorini, by high speed ferry.

The island of colours

Milos is often referred to as ‘ the island of colours’ which is reflected in the pretty colours of the fishermen’s houses Syrmata.

Plaka is the capital and lovely to watch the sunset. Milos is a volcanic island. It takes around a 30 min ferry ride from Kimolos. It is full of charm, picturesque villages and places to see.

Adamas is the main town

Adamas is the town and port and is vibrant at night with sea front restaurants bars and shops. The statue of Aphrodite was found here. There are many places the tourist may like to visit, many of which we visited and you can see more on my other pages.

Likewise, we flew in to Santorini and travelled on the SeaJets ferry.  Staying 8 nights between Milos and Kimolos and returned to Santorini before flying home to the UK.

Unique places to see

In one day, we visited stunning Firopotamos, with lovely photographic opportunities. In addition to Sarakiniko with it’s weird shaped lunar landscape rock formations and swimming.  As well as Mandrakia, finding a lovely spot for lunch by the ocean and exploring the Syrmata.

A phenomenon beach

Another day, we visited an unusual beach, and not for the faint hearted – Tsigrado rope ladder beach [ try if you dare]. We were first on the beach for a few minutes before others arrived.

Meanwhile, we also visited Plaka located above Klima.  Klima itself, for the sunsets and the latter having many colourful houses along the coastline.


Adamas town, harbour and many organised boat trips around the island, including Kleftiko, and many lovely restaurants and marina. The latter is only accessible by boat.

Milos is accessible by car to the right hand side of the island as you look at the map, and prohibited to take a hire car to the left hand side due to the rough terrain. Nevertheless, we took a fabulous boat trip with Oneiro from Adamas harbour and went around the island and to Kleftiko.

Combine 2 islands together

For instance, if you wished to visit these islands, best to see Milos and Kimolos together.

Kimolos island

Kimolos is 30 mins away by ferry, departing from Pollonia and arriving in port Psathi in Kimolos.

The island is rather more a typical traditional Greek island, with charm and peacefulness. Well worth a visit to Chorio and Goupa.

Elephant rock otherwise known as Goupa

Goupa was my favourite place when we went there for the day. I particularly went to find ‘Elephant Rock,’ so called because of its resemblance to an elephant with a quaint house in the rock. I loved it that much I had that picture on a canvas in my living room.

The village and capital is Chorio set above the port Psathi. It’s name means chalk ‘Kimolia’ which is evident in the white rocks.

A large shaped mushroom rock called Skiadi

Milos, Kimolos Cyclades islands can be found the South West area. Kimolos lies north of Milos, and there are other islands nearby such as Poliagos which is uninhabited.  To illustrate,  in the middle of Kimolos, lies a large mushroom shape monument, its shape given by the winds.

Namely, Skiadi, visited by car and on foot. Also reportedly is the sunken city of Atlantis in the straits of Kimolos, between the two islands, in the Ellinika region. Kimolos has lots of lovely beaches to visit.

Milos,Kimolos Cyclades islands

At any rate, you can read my pages about how I planned for this trip, by flying in to Santorini and taking the ferry to Milos. Permission was sought at our car hire company if we could take the car to Kimolos and it was refused, so do check.

Instead, we went as foot passengers but were unable to explore far once leaving the port. Both islands are quiet traditional types and nothing like other well known touristy resorts.