Melissani Cave

Melissani Cave

Melissani Cave [sometimes called Melissani Lake] is somewhere we had read about and wanted to visit in Kefalonia.  On route from Myrtos beach we headed for Sami. Along the way we easily found signs for Melissani Cave, another stop over, on our bucket list, for the day in Kefalonia.

I was excited and curious to see this, as I had read so much about it on the internet.

Melissani Cave amenities

You drive on to a car park just before you get to Sami and then in Sept 2013 we paid 7 euros each to go in. There is a gift shop and you are directed through and pay on the door. From the car park you wonder where the Melissani cave is but obviously it is underground and so we followed the direction for the entrance kiosk. There are a few boats available and you are guided on to take the next available one.  I guess each boat holds maybe 10 people. A man uses an oar to guide the boat in to the lake. This is the lake with the roof ‘open’ so you can see direct sunlight and up to the sky. It would have been nice to have looked on the lake from above but he said its closed off for good now, not allowed due to health and safety. The man tells the story of the lake and then asks if you would like your photos taken with your own camera. It was a lovely experience. Another boat passed us and the men with the oars were singing and banged oars like some sort of fun ceremonial song.

We then went in to the covered cave which was pitch black save for a couple of dim lights. Birds flew in and out giving it a spooky feel, very atmospheric. We were probably only on the boat 10-15 minutes but I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Such an unusual place to visit, very unique. I would love to visit this Melissani Cave again, as it’s unique and makes for

great photos.