Mamma Mia Skopelos places

Mamma Mia Skopelos places

Mamma Mia Skopelos places we visited whilst on the island of Skopelos. If you have read my other pages you will know that this 2 night trip from Skiathos started off with black skies and during the ferry crossing, a storm came. Consequently, all the photos for Skopelos are dull, due to the weather conditions, which I am gutted about. The storm lasted the entire time we were on Skopelos.

Mamma Mia Church-Agios Ioannis

We hired a car from the sea front called ‘The Local Route’ and given a pink car-nice! We followed the map and headed from Skopelos town towards Glossa. Just before Glossa there is a sign for the Mamma Mia church [ Agios Ioannis].

So, the day started off with rain, some thunder and lightning still hanging around. Little did we know that the road the coaches also use for the Mamma Mia tours, use this same narrow road.

I was shocked how narrow and windy the road was and it seemed like a good 20 minutes off the main road to arrive at the church. It was a bit ‘white knuckle ride’ expecting other traffic to appear around the bends and in the rain.

There were bricks on the road, presumably where they had slid off the sides of the hills in the rain.

No parking

Before you get to the church you get a glimpse of it on a bend. It still seems like it’s a fair distance away. Upon arriving, I was also shocked that there is no parking.

Where do the coaches park and turn around?  Its a dead end at the foot of the church. We managed carefully to turn around and parked outside a hut that sells honey.

A lady arrived at the same time at her hut and informed us we can’t park there, the coaches will be coming in half an hour. We started back up the hill and pulled over to park. By this time the rain was lashing down.

There is also a cafe with no parking just up the hill. By the time we were deliberating what to do and if it was safe parking here, another couple of cars had turned up. They too parked in front or behind us.

Ran up the steps

We took the decision that as it was raining and about to get soaked, that we should run up the steps take photos and get gone before the coaches came. So, that’s what happened. Ran up the steps in the rain [reviews say approx 100 steps] took some quick photos and ran back down again. There was only about 2-3 other people around.

The views from the top of the church are spectacular, even in the rain. The sea was crashing on the rocks below. I had a pebble that my niece had decorated for my late Mom, and hubby had planned to video me placing it somewhere significant. However, it was a case of putting it somewhere quick and a photo to show I had, and run back down the steps.

We had no coats, wearing only shorts and T shirts, as you don’t expect weather in August to be like this.

A shelter from the rain stop

We made the precarious drive back the same way, praying we didn’t encounter any coaches coming and managed to reach the main road safely. I am so glad we arrived early morning, at the church, before all the traffic. Both of us were so wet and in need of a drink, we drove to the port at Glossa and found a cafe open.  Coffee and breakfast was just what was needed.

The rain was literally torrential by this point. Everyone else that was around were all sheltering in this cafe.

Kastani and Milia beaches

So onward to Mamma Mia Skopelos places in the car and we drove to Kastani beach. Wondering what we might see, or not, due to the non stop rain and poor visibility. We literally did the same thing again, quick photo and back in the car to Milia beach which was virtually next door.

I had planned on driving to Agnonta to the 3 trees and the scene where Sophie and the Dad’s jump off the cliff. However, the weather was so bad, we were soaked and decided to go back to the hotel.


On the way back to Skopleos town, the rain water on the roads was so bad, it was like driving through a river. The puddles were getting deeper and deeper, water pipes pumping water out. Sand and mud from the hills was rushing down the roads.

I was scared -what if it was impossible to get back to the hotel?  When we eventually did get back, we stayed in our room for most of the afternoon before taking the car back at 4pm. What a wash out !!

Mamma Mia Skopelos places we visited were all in the rain. The port scene was filmed in Skiathos near Bouritzi.

Pray for sun and hope to come back

I hope we can revisit these Mamma Mia Skopelos places same at some point in the future.  I would hate to think the weather tarnished our Skopelos island memories.

Can you believe it, the minute we arrived back to Skiathos, the sun was out, hot and humid. Skiathos had also had the storm. But we learned later from the hotel manager, that Skopelos always gets it worst.