Little Venice

Little Venice

Little Venice can be found just south of Mykonos town just behind the Paraportiani 17th century Orthodox church.

Little Venice is named as it was built by the Venetians and resembles Venice. Click on link to see video. Its brightly colourful houses sit right on the waters edge. [It reminds me of Klima on Milos island]. As Mykonos is known for the winds, whilst we were there we saw the sea on a calm day and when it was windy. You take a risk of getting wet when the sea pounds up against Little Venice if you are sitting in a cafe or bar. It is another iconic photo opportunity. Little Venice is located at the foot of the Windmills and is a must see when visiting Mykonos. Some places are narrow and you have to walk in amongst the restaurants. I bet of an evening in summer when it is packed, it would be a challenge to keep moving and not disturbing or knocking in to tables of the diners.

Little Venice Bars and restaurants

Whilst we were there we sat in the Sunset Bar for a coffee break. We also had a hot chocolate in Veranda Bar. On evening we were feeling adventurous and decided to go in Katerina’s Bar. Funky music playing, sipping a glass of wine and beer, overlooking the sea from the balcony. The drinks came to 12 euros [ 6 euros each drink] which was to be expected for the location. We didn’t eat anywhere at Little Venice as the prices were very expensive as it’s an exclusive area. We passed one restaurant and a fish platter was 120 euros!!

You can also get a good vantage point from up on the windmills looking down on Little Venice. We didn’t go to Little Venice for the sunset but have seen many videos on the internet of how crowded and busy it gets in the summer, and you probably have to compete to get a table for a drink or meal.

As you walk along the waterside of Little Venice there are a couple of openings where paths take you back in to the centre of the town, once again to get lost amongst the labyrinth of streets.