Leros Windmills together with castle

Leros Windmills together with castle

Leros Windmills together with castle sit on a hill side above Panteli. Just below them are some more windmills with working sail mechanisms. As you enter the road signed Milos [ windmills] Kastro and Panteli on the Lakki to Agia Marina road, it takes you up and up steep twists and turns with views to die for. The windmills are a free attraction. See video of the windmills

‘View’ Cafe

The first of Leros windmills has a cafe called ‘View’. Well, just as the name suggests, the view is amazing overlooking Panteli, looking towards the castle and the church. From this cafe we sat on lovely lounge settees and ordered pancakes and drinks. My husband had a chocolate one that came with an oreo biscuit, chocolate sauce and was humongous. In addition with eating all that melting chocolate, he just couldn’t manage it all!  I opted for a savoury one with ham cheese and mayonnaise and that was quite large too-very filling.

Prices are reasonable and service good. There is some parking opposite the cafe and windmills.

The castle

It is called Panteli castle . [ Lovely article on its history] Moreover, there is a large free car park. The castle is only a 2 minute drive, passing the windmills and parking spaces available. We visited the castle to take advantage of the views for photographs. We spoke to an elderly lady who looks after the castle and church there. She and the curator are the only staff running the castle.

see video of the castle

We entered the museum and the curator asked us to join him and another guest on the tour. He took us on a tour inside the museum for around 45 minutes, informing us of the history of Leros and the part the castle played.

The castle cost us 2 euros each admittance and it closes at 2pm.

To sum up, both are well worth visiting when on Leros island. The views alone as shown above are just breathtaking. The windmills are reminiscence of Mykonos.