Lakki hotel and war museum

Lakki hotel and war museum

Lakki hotel and war museum is information I wanted to share all under one page. Granted that, I did research Lakki and the Bianco Boutique hotel, before booking, but we still ended up in a very quiet area of Leros.

Next time I would stay near the port

In truth, I thought the ferry from Nisyros to Kos and onward to Leros, arrived at Lakki. However, as we were approaching Leros and I checked the map, I could see we were heading for Agia Marina. This was using Dodecanese ferries.

I later learned that most ferries arrive in Agia Marina. Hence, upon arrival, we then had to get a taxi to Lakki.

Bianco Boutique hotel

Bianco Boutique hotel is a contemporary hotel located a street or two behind the waterfront row. The sea view we had paid for was just about visible, obscured somewhat with shop buildings from the balcony. The beds were nicely dressed and the room was very modern and clean.

Staff were very friendly and accommodating. Twelve luxurious rooms and two suites. Even in June, the hotel was very quiet. Breakfast was buffet style taken in the reception area. Beds were comfortable and the area surrounding the hotel was very quiet.

Bianco Boutique website 


Lakki for us, was too quiet. We ate in one of the restaurants for an evening meal. Driving around there was hardly any traffic and the only interest in the area was all the boats moored up. At the end of the waterfront there are signs for the War Museum.

From the hotel to the waterfront was a 2 minute walk. We hired a car for a day or two from Giannakos located across the road when turning left out of the hotel.

War Museum

We arrived for around 10am after following the coastal road as signed. Upon arrival we waited and waited until a local man approached us. Despite the language differences, we were able to understand the broken English and hand gestures he was using to give us a message.

We concluded that the lady who opened up usually, had locked her keys in her car and was going to be late. He pointed and was able to advise us to drive along the coastal road, look at the beaches and come back in half an hour.

A pleasant unexpected detour

So, we drove along the coastal road for what seemed like an age. Passing a red and white church and little coves, until we came to a bench that simply said on the back, ‘Nudist’. After around half an hour and passing a wooded area, we decided to turn back. By the time we arrived for the second time at the War museum, the gates were unlocked.

War museum experience

I wasn’t sure what to expect. It did feel a little claustrophobic to me at times. The tunnels were quite eery despite being lit. There was a video being played and the audible sound of the sirens and planes dropping bombs made it seem more authentic, if a little scary. On display was a lot of memorabilia from the war with explanation tags.


After a while, I decided I wanted to leave and get some fresh air. I sat outside under the trees until hubby came out. In the grounds outside was a fighter plane and some tanks.

There are some parking spaces under the trees.

Opening times

The entrance fee was nominal around 3 or 6 euros each, if I remember correctly. We probably stayed no longer than an hour. Daily opening from 09.30-13.30hrs.

Lakki hotel and war museum video

In conclusion: Next time we are in Leros, I would stay in or near Panteli as it had more to offer for what we wanted. That’s no reflection on Bianco Boutique hotel, the room was lovely. Just a little too quiet for us.