Lefkada West Coast beaches

Lefkada West Coast Beaches Day trip

Lefkada west coast beaches adventure…We wanted to have a day trip along the Lefkada West Coast beaches to see the stunning coastline. Unfortunately we only got as far as two. Our plan was to see the beaches and head for Vasiliki to use the water taxi boat to get to Agiofili beach, only accessed by boat. Agiofili beach was one of the ‘must see’ beaches on my list as photos on the internet looked incredible. When we later arrived in Vasiliki we were told the water taxi’s don’t start until 10 days later as it was still early in the season [ May]. Imagine how disappointed I was.

North West Agios Nikitas

So our journey to Lefkada west coast beaches started off at Agios Nikitas on the North end of the island. We got side tracked by the stunning setting, and enjoyed the view with a drink in a sea front cafe. We had a paddle in the sea and bought some provisions from one of the tourist shops. We parked on the main road to Agios Nikitas and then walked through a pedestrian cobbled area to reach the sea. The views were amazing, turquoise sea, white beaches and plenty of small quaint cafes.

Kathisma Beach West Coast

We then drove to the next beach we wanted to see. Kathisma on the West coast. It was signposted off the main road, down a small windy road and the views were out of this world. I am not sure I have ever seen such beautiful shades in the sea. Dark blue, exotic turquoise, with white crests on the waves. I think it’s the prettiest beach I have seen. We stopped at the top of the road to drink in the view before heading down to the beach where there were tavernas, sunbeds and car parking. My husband absolutely loves the waves when they are rough and we were spellbound for ages just watching the waves rolling in with white foam. We didn’t swim, as much as we wanted to, because of drying off and continuing with the journey and having wet seats in the car.

Vasiliki Beach

We were heading for Porto Katsiki beach, again a Lefkada west coast beach but there was a cafe at the side of the road, distracting us with a lovely view, after leaving Kathisma beach. Had we have had more time, we may have ventured down to look at Kavalikefta beach but it seemed a long way down and to have to come all way back up again. We missed out Porto Katsiki and I remember we seemed to be travelling along roads in the mountains for ages before eventually coming to Vasiliki. Vasiliki is known for windsurfing. We stopped here for lunch in an idyllic water side cafe and had a wander around, admiring the boats bobbing in the marina and we saw the water taxi boat docked. Such a shame as I so wanted to go by water taxi and see Agiofili beach. A man, when asked, said the season hasn’t yet started, maybe another 10 days before the water taxi starts. Never, mind next time we will go.

Before we got to Vasiliki we passed through a resort called Apollonioi, which looked busy and maybe more ideally located as a base to explore the Lefkada West Coast beaches, next time we go. Definitely on the next visit we would like to take time to explore the Lefkada West coast beaches in more detail, as I have a feeling we only scratched the surface.

Overall, we found the driving quite easy, beaches were well sign posted. It did seem a long time through the mountains but there were times when you could see distant sea views. Anyway, it was like a road trip, and as I am so often reminded I need to learn to slow down and ‘chill out’ when in Greece. I am still not sure if another one of Lefkada west coast beaches is accessible following an earthquake. This beach is called Egremni beach and there was an earthquake there in 2015. The Mail online have an article here about it.

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