Lefkada Islands

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Lefkada islands 

Lefkada Islands boat hire-As we love boats, we were in Nidri along the harbour front and came across Trident Boats. We hired a boat from them and were given a map of the islands and where you could go and not go. We spent the day cruising around the various islands including Sparti, Skorpios, Madouri, and Meganisi. We were warned we couldn’t anchor up at Skorpios as it’s a private island formally owned by Aristotle Onassis. However, as we came close we ventured in the bay a little and could see what we presumed were armed guards and signs everywhere warning to stay away. We soon left and continued on towards Meganisi.

We headed for an inlet and bay called Spilia and were hesitant about where we could anchor the boat. However, a lovely man from Porto Spilia cafe waved us in and helped us tie up the boat. Naturally, he expected us to sit in his cafe. We had a good while sitting there absorbing the slow pace, boats coming and going, people watching, whilst enjoying a gorgeous piece of chocolate cake and coffees. What a lovely relaxing hour by the water, chilling out.

We referred to the map Trident gave us and anchored where we were allowed to at small bays, snorkeled and swam, all around the Lefkada islands-it was bliss.

We took a slow cruise back to Nidri to return the boat. On this day we got extremely sun burnt, as it was May and didn’t realise how hot it actually was. Fuel paid for and we were treated well. I really enjoyed this day, relaxing and cruising along. The boat for the day served us well and I would recommend Trident and use them again. Next time and with a bit more practice, I think we would stop off and anchor and see if we could explore time on land as well, ie another taverna for lunch . I think we were anxious about anchoring and whether the boat would drift off!! I can’t remember how long the ‘day’ rate was for, how many hours but I know we didn’t stay out all day, probably had around 4-5 hours, as we had had enough by then. Lovely time spent around Lefkada islands.