Lefkada island


Lefkada island

Lefkada island [Lefkas] lies near Kefalonia, Ithaca, Corfu and Zante in the Ionian sea.. The capital is Lefkada town at the north of the island. It is easily reached by ferry from Corfu, by going to mainland Greece to Igoumenitsa port first, and then driving to Lefkada.

This was our journey

Moreover, we did just that. Stayed in Corfu for a few nights and then bought ferry tickets [with Corfu Ferries] at the port. It was all straight forward and we were advised which line to wait in. We went as foot passengers and the whole journey to Igoumenitsa port took approx one and a half to two hours.

Hire Car Green Motion

Afterwards, we then picked up our pre booked car from Green Motion at Igoumenitsa port and travelled towards Lefkada, stopping at Parga along the way.

Parga coffee stop

Staying about an hour in Parga in the pouring rain, from the storm that had followed us from Corfu. Deciding to return on the way back, in the hope that there would be sunshine and better for the photos. [ we did and it was dry]

Coast road to Lefkada

The roads to Lefkada island were very well signposted and the directions easy to follow. You do go through a toll tunnel for minimal euros near Lefkada. From Igoumenitsa port to Lefkada probably took us 2 and half hours. We stayed at Pelican’s House for all of our stay in Lefkada-5 nights. [wow what a place]


Easyjet, among other carriers, do flights from London to Preveza airport, which serves Preveza and Lefkada. Upon reaching Lefkada from mainland Greece, drive over a floating bridge and then by stunning boats, in a massive marina along a causeway.

Lefkada island -where to go and what to see:

Lefkada island is famed for stunning beaches with exotic turquoise sea and white beaches, namely Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma beaches. Also, Agios Nikitas, all located along the west coast where the waves are very pretty to watch.


Vasiliki in the south is known for windsurfing and Nidri is a holiday resort where you can visit the waterfalls. We hired a  Trident boat and went around the lovely islands off Lefkada- Meganisi, Skorpios, Madouri and Sparti.

Lush greenery and very pretty bays to swim in. Nidri has a lovely waterfront with restaurants and shops and plenty of boats to watch. Also a massive sailing community.

Lefkada island is just stunning and we will return again here one day. Next time spend more time exploring all of the west coast, as the beaches and scenery are just lovely.