Kalymnos Dodecanese island

Kalymnos Dodecanese island Is found in the group of islands known as the Dodecanese and can be found to the West of Turkey.

Kalymnos has a wonderful entry port at Pothia with many vibrant colourful churches, houses and waterfront. On the hill to the left you can see Savas Monastery with a huge Cross overlooking the port. On the other side of the port high up on the hill you can see a church with a Greek flag beneath it. We have explored many places on this Dodecanese island Kalymnos. Travelling to Vathy, a lovely picturesque inlet with tavernas. Over the mountain road to Arginonta, Palionnisou and Emporis stopping at various view points along the way with photo opportunities to distant sandy coves.

Kalymnos Dodecanese island is located in the South Aegean sea and is south of Leros. Quite a large mountainous island but with good roads to enable travelling all over the island, which is what we did. We have experienced going to Myrties and catching the small boat across to Telendos Island.What an island. See my page on Telendos island. We stayed at the Olympic hotel right on the waterfront at Pothia with stunning views from our balcony.

I am so excited to be sharing more details about island hopping to these Dodecanese islands Kalymnos, Leros, Nisyros and Kos and I will share how I planned this on my individual pages. We hired a car on each island and it was quite easy to get around. We visited many places, all as pretty as the one before. We have met some lovely local people and they have shared their stories with us and been very hospitable. We planned to travel to Kalymnos by Blue Star ferries but they changed the vessel to Hellenic Seaways Nissos Chios. We departed from Nisyros and arrived in Kalymnos Pothia port.