Films Greek related

Films Greek related

Films Greek related have been made in Greece, showing wonderful scenery.

Mamma Mia-Skiathos and Skopelos

The main one for me that springs to mind in more recent times is Mamma Mia [1]. Trailer here. A lovely page has been written here explaining where all the filming locations took place on the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Pelion and Damouhari.

All the songs were sang from ABBA. We are fortunate to have recently been to Skiathos and Skopelos, and visited Agios Ioannis church where the wedding scene was and Kastani beach.

The pier and bar have long since been taken down. I also loved Mamma Mia 2 although I have read this has been filmed in Croatia and not Greece..

Shirley Valentine-Mykonos

Another great film that I loved was Shirley Valentine. Trailer here. Set in Mykonos.

The film is about Shirley who constantly talks to her kitchen wall as she feels unappreciated and not listened to by her husband. He wants her to keep the house tidy, have his tea on the table and treats her like a skivvy.

Her friend wins tickets to go on holiday to Mykonos and Shirley eventually decides to go, leaving a note for her husband. In Mykonos she falls in love with a local Greek man. I won’t spoil the story about what happens.

Other films Greek related are:

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin 2001 was filmed in Kefalonia featuring Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz. Details of the film can be found here. Trailer here. Also Zorba the Greek 1964- Black & White film-details can be found here. Story based in Crete. Trailer here

Before Midnight 2013-Based on the Peloponnese-details here. Trailer here. In addition to OPA 2005-set on Patmos-More details here. Trailer here

Not only

Highway to Hellas 2015-more details here. Trailer here. As well as For your eyes only-1981-Bond. Filmed the hanging monasteries of Meteora-more details here. Trailer here


Sisterhood of the travelling Pants 1-Santorini-2005-more details here. Trailer here and also Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2trailer here 

Have heard a 3rd film is forthcoming soon. Both were hilarious.

Not forgetting

High Season-1987-set on Rhodes more details here. Trailer here

and lastly in my list

My Big Fat Greek wedding and My Big Fat Greek wedding 2 Trailer here

Loved both of these films series.