Corfu to Parga and Lefkada

 Corfu to Parga and Lefkada

Corfu to Parga and Lefkada-how we did it…

Corfu ferry to Igoumenitsa

On our planned trip to Lefkada from Corfu, I wanted to stop off at Parga on mainland Greece. Having seen on the internet, all the coloured waterside houses. Ferry tickets bought from the Port at Corfu. Sailed with Corfu ferries namely, ‘Ana Chora’ to Igoumenitsa Port taking around 2 hours.

Car hire Green Motion

Again, this holiday was in May, so it was quite breezy having left the storm behind in Corfu [ or so we thought]. In Igoumenitsa, we stopped for breakfast, before picking our hire car up from Green Motion at the port.

Lefkada was a good 2.5 hours drive [138 km] and Parga is approx 44 kms from Igoumenitsa.

Igoumenitsa to Parga

Quite easy to follow the road signs all the way to Parga.

Once leaving the main road towards Lefkada, we embarked on a winding road for approx 10 kms. By now it was bucketing down with rain. Upon arrival in Parga, we found a parking spot and literally ran to the nearest cafe. We got soaked.

Rain seems to follow us

Nearby, in a cafe, we had a bite to eat and the rain was relentless and very misty. As we were soaking wet and keen to get to Pelican’s house in Lefkada, we abandoned the idea of looking at Parga’s beautiful scenery.  At any rate, we had decided to stop on our return journey, when the forecast said it should be sunny.

Parga to Lefkada

To the main road was the same way as we came in, another 10 kms or so, before following the road signs to Lefkada.

Travelled along the E55 coastal road towards Preveza. Going through a toll tunnel towards Lefkada. The rain had followed us all the way from Corfu.

Toll and floating bridge

Entering the toll was only a few euros. Upon nearing Lefkada, you could see the floating bridge. We went over it and then continued our journey towards Nidri. Likewise, the route was very well signposted. There was Lidl’s and Carrefour supermarkets where we stocked up on supplies.

Lefkada to Parga the return journey

Planning our return journey, we left Lefkada very early and arrived in Parga for around 7am. Found not many signs of life at that early hour.

Yay! The sun was shining and we managed to have a very quick look around and take those all important photos of the houses. To illustrate, they were every bit as pretty as I assumed they would be.

Not got long, ferry waiting

Early morning and as we were both hungry, grabbed a takeaway coffee and croissant and continued back to the car. In spite of wanting to stay longer, we were racing to Igoumenitsa, to give the car back and catch the ferry back to Corfu.

In conclusion, I loved experiencing this journey. Obviously, I wasn’t driving but we had a right old ‘road trip’ and saw some lovely places. The Greek Gods ordered the sun for us which then got warmer the day after we arrived in Lefkada!