Aeroplanes Corfu

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Aeroplanes in Corfu

Aeroplanein Corfu -Plane spotting in the areas Perama and Kanoni. Our first trip to Corfu was at the Corfu Holiday Palace, chosen, as it’s right by the runway. In the same way, it has excellent views from some of the rooms. Also, it’s a short walk to the causeway where the aeroplanes fly over you.

All sorts of planes

In addition, we saw many holiday liners coming in at various times of the day and some island hopping planes with propellers. Sometimes they would take off over the sea rather than towards the mountains.

Similarly, we have also stayed at Mouse Island Apartments and had great views of the planes landing and taking off over Mouse Island.

Causeway between the 2 resorts

At any rate, there is a causeway from Kanoni to Perama, probably a short walk of 5 minutes. Within sight of the planes coming in to land over your head.

Consequently, the end of the runway is be behind you and it was quite exciting to have the aeroplanes fly in over your head, before touch down.

Nissos restaurant

Nevertheless, a good view point is Nissos restaurant in Perama where you could have a meal or drink and watch the planes fly over Mouse island sideways to you.

Hence, saw many people, families, kids all taking photos- quite entertaining and novel to watch whilst eating your meal.

Cafe Kanoni

Likewise, another good viewing spot is at Cafe Kanoni with the steps going down towards the Vlacherna monastery and causeway. Lovely photos taken from these steps in an elevated position.

Landing both ways

Arriving on an easy jet flight, but instead of coming in over Mouse Island, we flew past it. Consequently, we landed round the back passing the port and castle. Video of the landing here.

Similarly, the second time we flew in to Corfu, we flew alongside the Benitses coastline and landed over Mouse Island.

Cafe Royal

Furthermore, we also had drinks at Cafe Royal which is opposite the end of the runway, where the planes turn before taking off.

Besides that, we took many photos at sunset which made for dramatic pictures.

To summarise: Probably better than Corfu, Skiathos has the most dramatic plane landings I have seen. In my opinion, more exciting than Corfu.