Corfu town

Corfu town 

Corfu town scared the pants off me when we were driving around. It is like most Greek capitals. Where it is very busy, cars and scooters everywhere, lots of narrow side streets, one way roads and lots of noise.

I was forever hanging on to my seat in case we had a bump. Thankfully we didn’t, but I was always glad when we were out of the centre.

On foot in the town

However, once on foot Corfu town has a lot to offer. In addition to plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants and not forgetting the castle. Again, it was May, and we arrived in a storm. On our first day it was non stop rain and we had to buy an umbrella.

It was pretty miserable walking around stopping in loads of cafes, just to get out of the rain and have a hot drink. It was either that or sit in the hotel room being equally miserable.

Other transport

Furthermore, we did go by bus one of the days, from the area of Kanoni and it was a pleasant experience.

San Rocco and Liston Square

San Rocco Square is in the centre of Corfu town and one of the bus terminals. One of the others is at Liston Square near Corfu castle. If you check the online bus timetable, it will advise where to catch any bus on the island.

For example, the bus to Gouvia is number 7, going to Ipsos and Dassia, but leaves from San Rocco. The bus to Kanoni number 2, goes from Liston Square.

Ferry tickets and car rentals

Corfu port is not far away, and on the main road opposite are car hire firms and travel agents for ferry bookings. Although for most ferries, you buy your tickets inside the port at the ticket offices.

Nearby is Green Motion car rental, which we hired from, but there are other companies too. Corfu port is very large and busy and no parking. Taking a chance, we parked down a side street nearby. Similarly, Cruise ships leave from here.

Kamelia Lines

A day ferry with Kamelia Lines leaves from the port taking you to Paxos.

Rabbit island

You can also get on a small boat across to Vidos [ rabbit island] from the port.

Rainy weather seems to follow us

It’s amazing when you are abroad, you expect sunny weather but we were feeling pretty sorry for ourselves those first couple of days. Still,  we knew the forecast was set to improve, after day 3 on our holiday.

It’s hard trying to find something to do indoors when you are abroad and looking forward to being outside.

Heatwave Lucifer

Nevertheless, on another visit to Corfu, we experienced Heatwave Lucifer. This was the total opposite to the May holiday. Scorching temperatures in the 40’s, so need to be careful what we wish for!