Churches Leros

Churches Leros

Churches Leros Island. Some beautiful churches located on this wonderful island. And all unique and pretty in their own way. We saw many more on the island but these three were the ones that you see when searching for Leros, and are popular, visited by many tourists.

St Isidoros church Leros

St Isidoros church Leros is so pretty and a free attraction. Walk along the walk way to the church. It is one of the pictures you will see when researching Leros Greek island. We travelled by car and the signs were easy to follow. The sea wasn’t too choppy on the walk way but reviews had suggested to wear pumps incase it becomes slippy. We parked on the parking area and then walked across.

Inside we lit candles for loved ones and put some loose change in the courtesy box. Many people say it is beautiful to visit here at sunset. However, we visited early morning and were the only ones there. It is not the church as seen in the Mamma Mia movie- that one is in Skopelos [ Agios Ioannis].

We drove from Lakki and combined this visit on the way to Blefountis beach and Agia Marina. Leros island is so small you can easily visit lots of attractions in one journey. See video here on St Isidoros.

Prophet Elias Church

Prophet Elias church is found on a road very close to Panteli castle. It has outstanding views across Agia Marina and Panteli and is one of the most photographed churches on Leros.

Panagia Kavouradena

Panagia Kavouradena is what I call the church in the rock. It is located in the Desertfield / Xirokambos area of Leros.It is well sign posted if following a map and a sign on the gate asking to close the gate so the sheep don’t get in to eat the trees. Once inside the gate, take the path and steps and you will find the church with a lovely backdrop to the sea. We later went on to eat at a lovely taverna called Porto Nikola, as we drove back out passing all the restaurants. See video here on Panagia Kavouradena.

Celebrations take place on the 15 August. Legend has it a fisherman found an Icon of the Virgin that was guarded by crabs and placed it on the rocks. They built the church there. There is a story about it here.