Boucamvigiles By the Sea hotel-Paros

Boucamvigiles by the Sea hotel Paros

Boucamvigiles by the Sea hotel Paros was booked for only 1 night, as a stay over on this island. Notably, it is located in the area of Naousa, approximately 10-15 minute walk to the harbour.

The hotel amenities

Paros harbour is famous for the Venetian castle and waterside restaurants and bars, and boats moored. Our room was a double sea view room, which upon arrival had a double and single bed and was quite large. A well maintained bathroom, modern and clean with free toiletries.

In general, there was a fridge, dressing table, chair and 2 chairs on the balcony, which overlooked the sea. The hotel outside was decorated with lovely purple and pink Bougainvillea.

Consider taking a travel kettle

Unfortunately, no hairdryer or kettle in the room. I took my own travel kettle, cups, milk and coffee. By all means, there is a hairdryer available to lend from reception, but because we arrived late, [due to SeaJets being late], the reception was closed.

Otherwise I would have asked to borrow one. George left us a note on the reception door with our room number and how to find the keys.

SeaJets from Mykonos

For the purpose of sharing tips that island hoppers like to know, we arrived by SeaJets ferry from Mykonos.  Liaised with the hotel in advance and had arranged a minibus transfer with them for 9 euros per person each way.

Another key point-the minibus was waiting at Parikia port on arrival and took approximately 20 minutes to get to Naousa. After Paros, we were catching the ferry to Naxos.


Boucamvigiles by the sea hotel-breakfast.

Breakfast was served inside the terrace and was plentiful in choice. Hot and cold food, cereals and breads. In addition to pastries, eggs, bacon, juices tea and coffee. The staff, especially George, were very friendly and accommodating.

We didn’t order the correct weather!

Unfortunately, the day we went to Paros it was cloudy and very, very windy and there was a chill in the air. Then again it was October. The surrounding area of the hotel and the walk to the harbour felt like it was in a ghost town.

It was so quiet and we hardly saw anyone else about. Additionally, it was also raining quite hard.

Nearby sandy beach

Next morning, took a walk on the sandy beach to fill in time whilst waiting for the transfer bus to collect us. Such a shame to leave the Boucamvigiles by the sea hotel, knowing we hadn’t really seen a lot of the area.

Besides which, had some time spare, so spent a couple of hours at Parikia port area. In the distance, watching the large ferries coming and going and had a mid morning snack at Hellas taverna.

Here, we each had waffles with a variety of fruit, honey and sprinkled with icing sugar. It was delicious.

Naousa town

Moreover, we ate in Naousa town in the evening, at a restaurant where I didn’t really enjoy my Moussaka. Hubby had a large beef steak which was somewhat raw in parts.

Busker man singing

Whilst we were there, a busker man came around with his saxophone singing a song that stays with us even today still. Words including ‘oom pa pa Maria, oom pa pa Maria, Sag a pore’.

Together with his cap he comes and then went across to the next restaurant to do it all again-same song. As it was directly adjacent and outdoors we had to endure another round of ‘Maria‘! 

Oh my goodness the busker man turns up again

Meanwhile, the next morning at Parikia port eating our waffles, turned up again playing the exact same song, weaving in and out of the restaurant. The man wouldn’t leave until we gave him some coins.

and again…

Furthermore,  a while later when we were queuing at the port gate, he came around again- same song. Asking for more money. So I said ‘no I’ve just paid you at the restaurant’. Nevertheless, was very apologetic.

Would love to know what the words mean, something about Maria and Savva and sagapore [I love you].

That tune is driving me crazy

Anyway, that song has stuck with me and hubby, singing a few words of it everyday, for weeks after!! I bet he’s very well known in Paros.

In summary

Next time we go to Mykonos, we will do the island hopping trip back to Paros. Due to the weather being so poor we didn’t see Paros at its best. The photos of the Venetian castle and harbour in the rain don’t look so appealing. With this in mind, I hope that I can explore the rest of Paros.

Would love to stay again at the Boucamvigiles by the sea hotel Paros. Equally, we only saw Naxos town and have yet to explore the remainder of the island.