Anemomilos Hotel, Oia

Anemomilos Hotel, Oia

 Anemomilos Hotel, Oia was our first stay in Santorini. Specifically, I had searched on the internet for a hotel within our budget and can honestly say that the Anemomilos hotel is indeed amazing.

There is a small grocery shop and bus stop opposite and as you come out of the hotel, across the road are the most amazing views of the Caldera.

To clarify, this hotel is not overlooking the Caldera but nevertheless, stunning

This hotel is not on the side overlooking the Caldera but had sea views across towards Baxedes beach, which were still mesmerizing. Moreover, as you come out of the hotel and cross the road, the views over the Caldera and white sugar cube houses were breathtaking.

Oia is located north east of the island and famed for blue domed churches. In addition to white cuboid houses, alley ways and narrow streets.

Numerous streets and alleyways to explore

To explain, I am sure you would rarely see the same street twice. Especially, that there are that many streets adjacent to each other.

Hence, there are many stunning luxury cave type hotels and suites all hanging on the cliff edge, for that all important Caldera view.  However the Anemomilos hotel, Oia, whilst didn’t have the same views, was pretty close and much cheaper.

Significantly, the pool with sea views

In keeping with Greece, the rooms are typically Greek looking, basic, dark wood furniture but very clean and everything you could need.

Equally important, the hotel’s swimming pool was kept extremely clean with plenty of sun loungers. In addition, tables, shaded areas, and sea views over towards  Baxedes area, really create a relaxing area. Distant views of other islands can be seen.

Previously, we had requested via email, a sea view and were granted one on arrival. In fact we had a choice of 2 rooms with sea views.

Especially, take a travel kettle for that all important cuppa!

For instance, we take our travel kettle on every holiday. Reviews suggested that one wouldn’t be provided in the room, which was a useful tip for when you want that all important cuppa.

Our hotel room had a balcony where we would sit for ages watching out to sea. In contrast, at night sometimes you could see boats and cruise ships with all their lights on.

During our stay at the Anemomilos hotel, Oia we had breakfast daily and one evening meal in the restaurant.  Hence, all food was well prepared and very nice. Spiros and his parents made us feel extremely welcome at the Anemomilos hotel, Oia. Our stay was in September 2011 for 8 nights.

The Anemomilos hotel, Oia was a 2 minute walk from the start of Oia.

To illustrate, as you walk, you pass some churches, shops, hotels and enter the labyrinth of narrow streets. Thus, you could divert off for different views and photo opportunities. To explain, I really don’t think all of it could be photographed, as there are streets, and avenues forthwith.

For this reason, everybody is vying with each other to get the best photos.

To emphasize-take your camera!

The streets are the cleanest I have ever seen, and the place comes alive at night. Sometimes there are street musicians playing Greek melodies which soothe you, as you are strolling around. So much choice to eat and drink, and yes it is expensive, but it’s the views you are paying for.

Parking nearby

Similarly, one can find other restaurants without a Caldera view that would be cheaper. Nearby is a car park for which we paid 5 euros and is located on the main road within sight of the bus station, on the right. Passing the bus station keep to the road slightly right and this directs you to Ammoudi if driving a car.

This area of Santorini is ‘famous’ for it’s sunsets.

Frequently, every time we have seen a sunset, we have been rewarded with a magical array of colours. Most people head towards the kastro/castle because accordingly, it is said this is the best place to watch.

The surrounding area gets extremely crowded from early evening and for the most part, not a seat can be found in any bar or restaurant, unless you get there early.

A point to note, there is only one way in and out of Oia. Hence, on the last occasion we visited, it took us an hour as a foot passenger to even leave the castle area.

There are other places to watch the sun set

For example, one year we headed for the windmill, a little further round from the castle ruins. This demonstrated another interesting foreground with the sun set behind. Another time, photographed the sun set from on Skaros rock.

Prepare for the crowds at sunset

In short, this was due to the huge amount of people all heading back the same way. Expressly, everyone claps when the sun sets. Surprisingly, it can be quite moving and emotional and you feel compelled to join in.

I LOVE this place

Above all, I love Oia. Furthermore, it has such a quaint charm about it. The views are breath taking and it has a romantic feel about it.

As a result, we would recommend Anemomilos hotel, Oia to anyone and would return here, if we were to stay in Oia again.

Equally, Spiros and his parents ensured our holiday was everything we could wish for and paid attention to detail.