Ancient Basilica together with the church on the rock

Ancient Basilica together with the church on the rock

Ancient Basilica together with the church on the rock, otherwise known as Agios Nicolaos church. If you google search Kos, this church is often seen as a landmark. Well, we wanted to see it as well. We drove from having a stop at Zia village first.

The signs were easy enough to follow and turn off by restaurant bar, think it’s called the Old Club Med Bar. Following a dirt road and you arrive at a car park area right by Basilica ruins.

Adjacent to the ruins is Agios Stefanos beach. Parasols and sun loungers besides the sea, this beach is opposite the pretty blue and white church on the rock. Agios Stefanos Beach is in an area called Kefalos and is situated down towards the ‘Whales’ tail that Kos is illustrated like.

A storm is coming

The day we went black clouds were rolling in threatening to rain. In our determination to see the church, come what may, we decided to go over to the rock on a pedalo. Actually the rock is actually called Palaiokastro or Kastri Islet.

The pedalo crossing

The pedalo was 20 euros for an hour. Certainly, we weren’t dressed appropriately [ In other words, I didn’t know we would be going on a pedalo when I set off that morning !] and consequently got our legs and shorts wet, whilst trying to get in the pedalo. The sea was very choppy but with a lot of pedaling, we arrived at the island.

Next, it took all my energy whilst I climbed out and tried to tie our pedalo to another one, in a choppy sea whilst hubby just sat and laughed.

see video here

Afterwards, we then climbed on the rock [ with flip flops- see.. inappropriately dressed] and walked up to the church. The views looking back to the beach were nice, just a shame black clouds spoiled it. Immediately, a few spots of rain appeared and then we went back.

Ancient Basilica

Ancient Basilica is free to enter and besides, it makes for some nice additions and backdrops to photos. Some columns were standing, adjacent others on the floor. There is an article here on the ruins.