Greece themed fiction books

Greece themed fiction books

Greece themed fiction books I absolutely love. As my love of Greece continues, I love to read any Greece themed fiction books set in Greece or the islands.

Most importantly, I am always looking out for new stories to read on my kindle. I always order my books from Amazon Kindle store, type in ‘Greece Fiction’ and then select a book I am interested in reading. Perfect for reading on holiday.

Kim Nash-Blogger and reviewer of all things BOOKS

My friend Kim Nash has a fantastic book blog and is far more adept than me at writing brilliant book reviews. [ on all subjects, not just Greece] Her book blog [Kim the book worm].

Besides that, she inspired me with recommendations of books such as by author Sue Watson ‘Love lies and Lemon cake’. Which then started my love affair, reading Greek themed fiction books.

Fiction becomes reality..

One year we were in Corfu and Kim was actually with author Mandy Baggot and was discussing her new book ‘Those Summer  Nights’ about a story set in Corfu. She phoned and asked if we could take a photo of my kindle displaying the said book, near a Corfu landmark.

Consequently, the main picture on this page is what we took for her. Near to Vlacherna Monastery and Mouse island, both famous Corfu landmarks.

There are many Greece themed fiction books I have read since. If you do an Amazon search you will find many.

Greece themed fiction books and authors I have read so far, are:

Helen EllisEscape to Santorini-[Mary leaves behind an abusive husband in Australia and embarks on a new life in Santorini]. Also Helen EllisMisadventure on a Greek island-[Kate leaves London bound for Sifnos. She is staying in a holiday home but is mistaken for celebrity actor Marcia Gold-dramatic revelations are revealed]. Lucinda Riley-The Olive tree-a story set in Cyprus-[Helena’s past and present is revealed when she returns to Pandora, a house left to her by her Godfather some 24 years later]

Jennifer BarclayAn Octopus in my Ouzo-[Jennifer moves to a small Greek island to begin a new life and immerses herself with the local way of life].Marjory McGinnThings can only get Feta, [ 2 jounalists based in Peloponnese and their dog and the laughs they have with the goings on locally and living through a economic crisis in Greece] followed by Homer’s Where the Heart is and A Scorpion in the Lemon tree-[a continuation of the story from Things can only get feta]

Hilarious stories in Greece

Michael Saunders– Mynos series [ comical funny and quite accurate- I laughed all way through] [ about the locals and ex pats in a village and the hilarious goings on] including, in order

[0] A Greek village waiting for God

[1] Caught with their pants down

[2] No we mustn’t

[3] Liar Liar Knickers on Fire

[4] Getting it up in Greece-Down at the Come Inn

Skiathos, Crete, Rhodes

Holly GreeneSpring in Skiathos -[Joanna gets a phone call from her lawyer telling her she has been left a worn and run down hotel by her late father. She visits Skiathos and embarks on a journey from her past]. Also Holly GreeneAutumn in Crete-[Ellie is asked to go to Crete for a celebrity chef to spy on a successful competitor and to potentially put them out of business. What will she do?] As well as Holly GreeneWinter in Rhodes-[A hen night in a luxurious villa in Rhodes that belongs to Sara’s fiance. Sara’s best friend finds an earring in the bedroom of the villa that doesn’t belong to Sara. A compelling read.]

Greek romance

Julie RyanSophia’s Secret [Kat never knew why she was sent to England from Greece as a child. Mystery and intrigue as she endeavours to find out the truth]. Read Sophie KinsellaWedding Night [Lottie gets a call from her first love and decides to get married to him and to rekindle their Greek romance.  A hilarious story].

Wayne SaundersFrom Greece with love [Set on Skyros, Sam is recently widowed and he decides to honour his wife’s last wishes by going to Greece, a place they both loved]. Try Isabelle BroomMy map to you [Holly meets handsome Aidan in Zakynthos after learning she has been left a house by her late Mother].

Maria ConstantineMy Big Greek Family [ A last minute holiday to Greece challenges the Sisters bonds and each face new challenges and look deep inside themselves]. Also, Kristie DickinsonRisking the nine days [ Katie finds a Greek God in Crete and questions herself as to whether to turn down her boyfriends proposal]. Give Kristie Dickinson9 days in Greece a go-[Katie finds herself seated next to a young Greek man on the plane. Hence, what happens on her journey and in Crete]?


Karen GuttridgeKalimera Squid [ Karen and Pete leave the UK and head off for sunnier climes in Cyprus-can they make it work]?

Debbie Ward-It’s all Greek at Sea [ A lovely story about Sally and Mike who embark on a Greek cruise around the islands and the characters they encounter].  Read Sue RobertsMy Big Greek Summer– [ After her husband Danny has a fling, Mandy escapes to a Greek island. What problems await her there]?

Lovely read by Katerina NikolasGoat in the meze-A farcical look at Greek life. [An American couple find themselves stranded in a Greek village after their car breaks down. A hilarious and humerous look at life in the village and all the colourful characters they meet. I laughed all the way through this book] and the 2nd continuation of the story- Goatly Goings on.

Sue Watson, Mandy Baggot and more

Sue WatsonLove Lies and Lemon cake-[ Faye meets an Australian Surfer called Dan. Could she give up her husband and what would life be like with Dan?]

Mandy BaggotThose Summer nights-[Set in Corfu, Imogen’s brother Harry buys a restaurant. Panos a local millionaire wants to buy it off him. Will Harry sell and will Imogen persuade him to seeing as she thinks he is being impulsive and reckless?] And again, Mandy BaggottTruly Madly Greekly-[Ellen goes off to Corfu to plan her sisters Greek wedding and to forget her own troubles. Will she and what happens when a Greek Adonis shows up?]

Tasha HarrisonPackage Deal-[ Mia is on holiday in Kefalonia and this tells the stories of all the people who are her neighbours in the apartments she is staying at].

I hope you find your Greece themed fiction book. Above all, if you do and it’s not on my list -let me know.