About Melanie and my Greece blog and my reviews of the Greek islands


About Melanie and my Greece Blog: The Greek islands…

About Melanie and my Greece Blog: The Greek islands– My name is Melanie, [ in Greek..Me lene Melanie] I am English, [ Anglika] live in the UK, and I am in my 50’s, married and have an adorable dog. Now I am working on my Greece Blog. I work full time in the Health & Social Care industry and live for a holiday in the Greek islands once or twice a year.

It’s almost like an obsession, an escape to paradise.

I escape to ‘Greece’ most weekends, spending my time surfing the internet to build up a picture, and find out as much as I can, about where I am going on holiday next. And I love looking at other travellers photos, finding tips on what to see and do, hotel reviews, and places to eat.


One of my interests is that I love aeroplanes but not a plane spotter like you would imagine one to be. Not with plane numbers and things, but I like to watch the airliners coming in. If we are in a hotel on the flight path, then so much the better. Last year we stayed in one hotel that was just before the planes touch down, in Zante and it was nice to watch them.

The hyperlinks in each page link to videos to share. However, I can now say I have seen the plane landings and take offs at Skiathos airport and it was WELL worth the wait!!

Social Media

Previously, have never been on Facebook, or Twitter, or written a blog before. Have taught myself how to use Facebook to help with my blog and links.  A friend once said, whilst you are researching your next Greek island holiday and how much time you spend doing it, you might as well write it in a Greece blog, and share your experiences.

It’s very therapeutic, a hobby to keep me busy, a reflection on wonderful times, and a way of sharing my experiences.


I have also written reviews about our holidays on Trip Adviser. So, I thought I would give blogging a go and see what happens, although the technical side of things, my fabulous husband helps me out. Most importantly, I like to share my experiences, after all I read other people’s and plan my holiday based on what I read. Part of the build up and excitement is the planning.


Similarly, I have lists everywhere and research everywhere and anything thoroughly, which I think so far has stood me well. Likewise, I love to take photos and make videos [ very amateurish but hey I’m having a go].

My diary

So now I am blogging and learning how to write pages for my Greece blog. Even if no-one else reads this, it’s like a diary to me to look back on and remember fond memories and re look at the photos. A good reminiscence tool. Hopefully, long after I am gone, my niece and nephew will read it and want to keep going to Greece too. I’d like to be an inspiration.

I know I have planned well when….

We love to explore on our holiday, so part sight seeing and part relaxation. Not one these days for lying on a beach all day. Why say you have been to a place when you may not know anything about it, because all you have done is sat around the pool all day, every day. Where’s the fun in that?  We love snorkeling, eating out, boat trips [especially self drive boats], chilling and watching the world go by. Love the landscapes and of course the sun.

Oh, what would I do without an itinerary?

Well, I devise an itinerary on a word doc with the days and mornings and afternoons so we can see at a glance where we might go to get the best out of the stay, and see as much as we can. Above all, I do remember to factor in some relaxation time, as my husband says, he is too old to be climbing mountains [ well big hills] and steps all the while [ Santorini]!

A job well done…

The itinerary is not written in ‘tablets of stone’ either so can be changed according to the mood. I know I’ve planned well when my husband asks me ‘how did you know about this place’? Or on reflection back home, tells me he wants to go back there again. Recently, he said ‘that was one of the best holidays I have ever been on’ [ Mykonos]. I put that down to where I have taken him, the photos he has been able to take and the [hopefully] good choices of accommodation.

Where the love of Greece began

It all started when my husband and I went on a 3 day mini cruise and spent limited time in Rhodes and Kos, and fell in love with the Greek islands. The locals are just lovely, very friendly and welcoming.
Our first proper Greek island holiday was Santorini. My inspiration came whilst doing a jigsaw of Santorini and I just thought how beautiful it looked with all the white cubed houses and blue domes churches.

So, what is my favourite Greek island?

People ask me all the while, ‘which is your favourite Greek island’? Consequently, my answer is always the same. Whilst all the islands have each been fabulous, nothing yet knocks Santorini off my top spot.

Santorini- the most beautiful place on earth [ in my opinion]

This island is very special, very romantic and will always be my most favourite holiday place in the world. I could talk about my passion for Santorini until the cows come home. There are photo opportunities everywhere and I especially love Oia and Fira.

Previous to Greece, I haven’t been that far afield- Grand Canaria, Spain [ Benidorm, Fuengirola], Gibralta, Cyprus, mini cruise to Israel and Egypt, and that’s been years ago.

About Melanie and my Greek Blog: The Greek islands

On my bucket list, is to visit as many Greek islands before I get too old, or I die. Me, I think, eat and sleep all things Greece. Live Love Greece.

I even recently bought a sun-dress with Greek churches on it. Would you believe, I even collect fridge magnets from each island visited, plus beach towels and a Greek calendar each year!

My Big fat Greek …anything

Any spare time I get I am planning and researching where to go next. Love also reading Greek fiction books, and love Greek food and I try to do my own Greek salads and dips, and love Moussaka. I know a few Greek words and sentences and we have started a few Greek lessons as the Greek people really appreciate it when you try to speak their language. ‘ Yia Su. Esi Kala?’ 

We are only at the start of our journey and unless we win the lottery, then I will have to be content with hoping we can visit a new island each summer, or whenever time and money dictate.

Wedding vows

We have been to Zakynthos, affectionately known as Zante three times. On the third trip we had our wedding vows renewed, organised by Alexandrasdreamweddings – oh so gorgeous, the setting was to die for- but a very emotional day.  My Mom couldn’t come on this planned holiday as she was so poorly and sadly passed away, a week after we got back.

hotels, ferries, beaches, activities…

Part of my blog includes reviewing the hotels we stay in, and where we visit. All the information in my Greece blog is based on our experiences, ferries used, hotels stayed in.  Not been paid to write anything about a hotel, restaurant etc for financial gains.

My hobby is to enjoy looking back at my adventures, experiences and writing about it. It now forms part of my daily life in my spare time.

Dream Job and Bucket lists

So if anyone out there reads this Greece blog and is remotely interested in me writing a blog on their Greek hotel, island or anything Greek, I would be more than willing to do so. My dream job would be to stay on all of the Greek islands [forever!] and write a blog about each, and on my bucket list is to visit as many islands as I can before I die.

Hit list where to go next?

On the hit list are also Crete and Kythnos and Kefalonia for a proper holiday. Nisyros, Kos, Leros and Kalymnos [ and Telendos] were out of this world but any others will do. Can now also tick off visiting Lefkada, Igoumenitsa Port and Parga and Kefalonia for a day trip.

Now for something a bit different…

Booked for a sailing holiday in Lefkada, now that’s something different. Will let you know how I get on.

There is not one Greek island I would not return back to. Each have their own charm and offer something different.


Thank you to Panayiotis and Andri at Odyssey Greek restaurant, Telford for sharing this blog after my review of your wonderful Greek restaurant.

To you all for reading about Melanie and my Greece Blog-reviews of Greek islands. I hope you enjoy our adventures.

Especially to my lovely wonderful husband for all your help in getting me started on this blog and for being patient when I get frustrated at something I can’t do.

For seeking help from other IT techs when you can’t figure out what I want to do. For being my travelling companion, and for sharing my obsession with Greece, which means many more trips together to Greece. Yay.

I have a page on which island to choose and why I love them all, each for their unique charm. Which island?