Advertise something Greek island related

Advertise something Greek island related

Do you wish to advertise on this blog ? We will be pleased to advertise your business or products providing it fits in with the Greek theme. For example people will ask How do I get from one Greek island to another? How do you go about booking hotels and in which area?  Which ones should I stay in, and what’s the best area? How do I know who to trust with my bookings? Which restaurants would you recommend? How can I go about booking ferry tickets and checking timetables, which airport can I fly from?

Advertise something Greek island related

Greek island resorts to review, places to explore? I have reviewed all the hotels and places we have stayed in, as I love to share my experiences. I write about how you can island hop from one Greek island to another. I would like to grow this page and expand it as time goes on. Currently I don’t make any money from my blog but am open to learning how to move forwards and take it to the next level. I am looking to expand in to social media to spread the word.

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I love writing reviews from our experiences and travels about car hire, air travel, ferries, villas and hotels, boat hire-anything to do with Greece and the islands. My ultimate job would be to write holiday reviews on any of the Greek islands. Currently I have reviewed Odyssey Greek restaurant in Telford, after visiting a couple of times, especially Greek party night.

I have also wrote how I love the Greek yogurt range from Muller and Greek style cheeses I have bought to make my own Greek salads. You can also view these on my Reviewing something Greek page.